Where we’re from, the simplest fix is often the best.

The North Country has the solutions to Albany’s biggest problems.

North Country common-sense solutions to Albany’s problems:

• Relieve Local Gov’t and Taxpayers from Unfunded Mandates:

It doesn’t make sense that 9 mandates make up 90% of county budgets.
New York State needs to pick up the bill for all the programs and initiatives that our local governments, schools and taxpayers are required to fund.

• Lift Job-Killing Regulations:

It doesn’t make sense to have over 49,000 pages of regulations.
Small businesses can hardly breathe, let alone grow jobs underneath all the pressures from regulations, fees, fines and taxes.

• Reduce Costly Government:

It doesn’t make sense that within a decade the budget grew by $43 billion.
We need to trim down government and make it more efficient.